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Mobile Aquafarm

Living in Taipei city for nearly 20 years, I have become a "new resident", too.  I try to adapte to and identifying with this city. But I always have a wish that the technologies of the old generations will not disappear due to the times. In my hometown, the beaches have disappeared because of too much groundwater being pumped and industrial development. My father used to go to the beach to dig clams when he was a kid, but now there is only the concrete embankment left.

In Taipei City, I hung an aquafarm behind my Vespa scooter. It is a "Mobile Aquafarm" with clams. It crosses the relationship between the environment, the land, and the community, and try to connect the wanderer and the family. Revisit the state of place, generation, or routine. In the big city, it reflects the ronin sings a song that is constantly flowing, remade.



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