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400 years ago in the far east
An island with a beautiful wonderland
Sailors called it Formosa
Wonderland was full of sika deers
There was a legend
If the sika deer got close to you
You would be safe and prosperous on this voyage

"Mobile Temple" links the 400-year historical relationship between Taiwan and the Netherlands. The Netherlands colonized Taiwan 400 years ago. 1623, the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie came to Formosa, they built a Castle-- Zeelandia, in South of Taiwan. Meanwhile, they starting to write history/logs about Taiwan. That is to say, the beginning of the history of Taiwan is from the Dutch. The document shows Dutch took lots of buckskins to sell to other countries. Then, there is no deer in Taiwan until 1984, the National Taiwan Park tried to restore the Formosan sika deer. I made a gold idol, the Formosan Sika Deer Buddha, and took it into the Mobile Temple bring it around Nederland. in my view, the deer is the hero. The self-sacrifice made my country history. In our culture, the temple is for the hero, which could make people miss him/her. We also make a wish to the hero, hoping him/her could help us. If you see the "Mobile Temple", please come and make a wish to the Formosan Sika Deer Buddha. He will make your wish come true and give you good luck all year.

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