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Lin Yu-Sheng is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong social consciousness. He uses various media, such as installation, performance, video, and photography, to explore issues related to human beings, the environment, society, and culture. His works shed light on neglected aspects of modern life and demonstrate his profound reflection on people and their existence. Lin prefers a practical approach to delve deep into the subjects he examines and always presents his ideas in an open manner to encourage participation and discussion.

Lin's works explore the relationship between art and reality, emphasizing audience interaction. Through his art, he aims to inspire viewers to re-examine their surroundings and provoke reflection on modern lifestyles. Using atypical methods of creation, he seeks to change and question various aspects of contemporary society, while expressing his concern and contemplation for humanity and life. His work is accessible to the public and often takes place in public spaces, encouraging a wider audience to engage with his ideas.

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