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非關身體報告書Out of  Physical Report



Seeing from a more micro-perspective, labels from the artist, society, and the interviewees themselves are displayed in Out of Physical Report. The objective is not to remove the labels but for the artist, the interviewees, and the audience to reevaluate the formation and purpose of the labels and to further observe the intrinsic differences between the labels and those being labeled. Form a macro-perspective, with the three-dimensional feminine form flattened, it is also a representation and satire of the flattening phenomenon observed in the cyber space and also with information (with the world simplified through the use of various labels). I ask myself continuously with the question. Either in foreign cities or just local convenience stores, I hope to breathe with my fully heart. Simply to document incidents observed in our daily livings with drawings and words, shows the possibilities of the other world exploring to more people. I hope my project take drawings and words out-of-plane.



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