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本創作計畫試圖利用個人設立一個NGO駐村機構,用有限的資源建立一個完整的駐村計畫,且依循現代大多徵求獲獎助模式,公開招募世界各地的駐村藝術家,而駐村場域則為一部「廂型車」,這部可移動的駐村空間,行駛於台灣的公路之上,將評選而來三位「駐村藝術家」,在「限的空間進行無限的創作」,「空間的移動帶動時間的延展」,但車體內空間從未移動,勞動過程、情感碰撞及其產生的能量,一直存在於展覽的物件上,也是藝術家們共同創作的結果。 執行方式: 公開徵選-公告駐村路線,採公開徵選方式。經評選後錄取數名駐村藝術家。 駐村開始-車後即為駐村開始,藝術家在車內創作、交流、發想。路程結束即為駐村結束。 成果發表-駐村結束後,藝術家們依執行成果發表之。

When it comes to the creative arts we still have a long way to go. There is a huge benefit for Artists in Residence. Daily activities in new environments allow artists to find new inspirations and concepts for their work. From getting used to a new village as they settle in, meeting other artists and locals, discovering new materials and ways of thinking- all these aspects are key to their professional development and contribution to our society.   The Car Artists Village project demonstrates my strong advocacy, as an artist, for bettering our community. The aim of this project is to create a dialogue between motorists and artists about the effects of art in large or confined spaces. At each stage, 3 artists were selected. Throughout the whole project I held multiple roles including Project Manager, Exhibition Coordinator as well as a contributing artist. 

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