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Art Lessons after school



Using the manner “making reproduction” and imitates the textbook of the old art class to reproduce the “new teaching materials of art class”, and then uses it to experience the “art class belongs to today” with the participants together. “2 Days Studio” uses an intimate way to cause the community to reflect the relationship between the modern art and themselves.

1. Recompiling the textbook of the Art class for making the content more understandable. (There were only pictures in the original textbook and the teacher resources book was sketched briefly. That is the reason I will redesign, redraw, and recompile the content for people to understand easily, and the theme of the original textbook will not be changed.)

2. Preparing the teaching materials Collect the needful materials of the Art class. (Some special materials will have to be prepared from Taiwan.)

3. Giving lessons

1) Workshop: finding suitable time and space(s) and using the teaching materials of the Art class in Japanese colonial period to teach the participators.

2) Street Interaction: making some lessons with people on the street at random.

4. Observation, feedback, and recording Observe the reactions of the participators, ask them their reflections on the activities, and record the progress by photographs or videos.



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